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This summer we have been tutoring on the Trinity Licentiate Diploma in TESOL at Oxford TEFL, Barcelona. While putting the teaching schedule for our trainees together, we decided to take on some teaching duties ourselves, and demonstrate some of the pronunciation activities we have been talking about here on the blog. As always our goal was to integrate pronunciation more systematically and effectively into lessons.

In the video below you can watch us leading pronunciation activities based on some of our commandments, talking about how we put the theory into practice, and evaluating and reflecting on the lesson. If you are currently studying for a Diploma in ELT (DELTA or Dip TESOL) then this video might be useful for your preparation for teaching practice assessments or the phonology interview on the Trinity Diploma.

After the lesson we asked the students to give us feedback on their experiences during the pronunciation stages of the lesson. You can see a selection of their comments below. As you can see they found it a positive experience! Proof that spending time on pron pays off.

Comment 1

Comment 2 1

Comment 2

Comment 3

Comment 4

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