This blog is for teachers who love pronunciation!

  • It is for teachers who want to help their learners  become more effective listeners and speakers via great pronunciation teaching!
  • It is for teachers who want to be able integrate pronunciation into every lesson!

The authors are both teacher trainers, materials writers and teachers. And, wait for it… they are both Scottish, they both live in Barcelona and they both work on OxfordTEFL’s Trinity Diploma course. They want to share teaching ideas, techniques and strategies they have built up over many years of working with teachers.

A bit more about them……

FullSizeRenderNicola Meldrum is from Edinburgh and has been involved in ELT since 1999. She worked for over 10 years teaching business and general English to adults, teens and YLs. She completed her Trinity Dip TESOL in 2003 and then started training teachers on a Certificate in TESOL course. She is now course director on OxfordTEFL’s Trinity Dip TESOL course, writes teacher and student materials and is an online tutor on teacher development courses, including a course on teaching pronunciation

Mark D. C. McKinnonMark D. C. McKinnon is from the west of Scotland and has been involved in ELT since 1993. He has been teaching general and business English to adults, teens, YLs, and Senior Learners since then. He completed his Trinity Dip TESOL in 2001. He has been a face-to-face tutor on OxfordTEFL’s Trinity Dip TESOL since 2005, and teaches the phonology modules on the online stage of the course. Mark teaches English at UAB Idiomes Barcelona, where recently he has been teaching Senior Learners. He also writes materials for teachers and students, and he recently co-wrote an EAP skills coursebook for Macmillan’s Skillful series.

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